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Welcome To Sangam Advisors
Welcome To Sangam Advisors
  Corporate Advisory      

Our corporate advisory services business is primarily driven by the strength of our corporate relationships and understanding of the businesses of growth oriented SMEs. This vertical can be further broken down as follows:

(i) M & A Advisory
Our merger and acquisition advisory team provides financial advice pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, divestments, strategic alliances and de-mergers. Our services encompass strategy formulation, identification of buyers or targets, valuation, negotiations and bidding, capital structuring, transaction structuring and execution.

(ii) Restructuring  
Services rendered under corporate restructuring include work related to amalgamation, reconstruction, reorganization and winding up of companies. These include:
• Mergers, acquisitions and demergers
• Reduction of Share Capital
• Voluntary liquidation/liquidation and winding up of companies by court
• Procedural formalities in relation to issue of ESOP and ESOS
• Assisting listed companies to raise money from domestic markets through preferential issues and    IPOs

(iii) Tax Advisory
 Our advisory services help businesses optimize taxes which will ensure compliance in a dynamic environment. The ranges of services provided by us are: 
Direct Tax: Compliance Services, Advisory Services, Litigation Services, Support for M&A Transaction
Indirect Tax: Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), CENVAT, Goods & Service Tax (GST)

(iv) Succession Planning  
We are involved in succession planning advisory, which helps the client to select talented manpower and provide required education, so that they can handle bigger responsibilities in the near future. By succession planning, our clients can build “bench strength”. Moreover, a skilled and qualified team can be developed, which will occupy important position in the organization.  Our succession planning advisory services include:
Family re-organization
Succession planning consulting
Helping to establish efficient succession structures

(v) Company Law related matters  
Advisory services regarding all company law matters
Advisory services in respect of compliance of various provisions i.e. company acts
(vi) Valuation Advisory  
We advice on valuation of shares, assets, brand, which may be required for transactions like merger, demerger, amalgamation, acquisition, takeover, etc.
vii) Joint Venture Advisory  
We offer joint venture advisory services to all firms and companies to help companies expand their operations. We analyze the viability of the joint venture alliance and offer a complete report with the possibilities, advantages, and risks associated with the proposed plan. All the services including joint venture governance, decision making, performance reporting, associated fees, evaluation of possible risks, asset management, exist mechanisms, negotiations, and finalizing the deals are all offered in qualitative manner and time.
(viii) Private Equity Advisory 
Offering advisory services for raising private equity capital or venture capital funding was the genesis of our investment banking business and remains an area of focus for us. We syndicate seed and growth financing from private equity and venture capital fund.

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Welcome To Sangam Advisors
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